What Will the Joker Look Like in Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad?

Fans are flipping out over the reveal of Suicide Squad’s Joker, and rightfully so. It’s a huge change from what many of us were expecting.

Obviously, there is no way David Ayer was going to copy and paste Heath Ledger’s look, but some believe he went a bit too far while trying to differentiate the character.

Jared Leto 75th anniversary tribute

That’s a jarring change.

As it turns out, that may not be Joker’s new look after all. Could Ayer have been screwing with us to drum up a bit of hype and get everyone talking? It definitely worked!

Why Would You Say That?

Jared Leto as Joker

According to Moviepilot.com, the Hot Topic version of Joker isn’t what we’re going to see in Suicide Squad. They’ve sourced a Tweet from Hollywood Insider — gotta’ love those hollywood rumor sites — and images of Leto on the set.

Gabriel Grey Twitter

In the images, we can see Leto wearing pasty white makeup all over his skin, and his hair is dyed neon-green. In one of the photos, he appears to be showing someone his full costume via a smartphone. When you take a closer look you can see there are no tattoos, and he’s wearing a suit.

If the screen is an example of what Joker is really going to look like, then fans might be more welcoming. It looks like he’s laughing at something, and the image is creepy as hell.

Alright folks, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

What is Joker Going to Look Like?

The Joker

According to a JoBlo tipster, the description of Joker’s true appearance is much different than the image that set the internet ablaze.

“The Joker image everybody is talking about isn’t a genuine image and doesn’t match up with how he looks on set. He’s missing scars and the grill/teeth are a kind of WTF addition to the image. Our source elaborates that he’s scarred on his back and arms and his skin is definitely whiter than what we see below. The tattoos are brand new if even real, and may have been added to cover up the areas where his scars will be.”

Leto also posted an image on Instagram of his physique for the movie, and if it’s any indication Joker is going to be pretty buff. This is a change from the scrawny and frail looking Joker we’ve seen in comics, games and cartoons.

Jared Leto physique for Suicide Squad

Before you get up in arms about the change, remember what Suicide Squad is actually about. The government hires a team of supervillians to carry out impossible black ops missions. It’s reasonable to assume the team will train heavily before going out on a mission, which explains why the Joker would gain a bit of muscle.

Is Batman or Bruce Wayne in Suicide Squad?

Batman Dawn of Justice

Even more interesting though, is the news that Ben Affleck has been spotted in Toronto where they are currently filming Suicide Squad. This has led many to believe that either Bruce Wayne or Batman will have a cameo in the film. If so, that’s pretty badass.

He’ll likely show up and make an argument for why the Joker should not be allowed to roam free, or perhaps he’ll argue against clemency for the supervillian. We’ll see.

If the rumors are true, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice may be getting the same treatment.

Is the Joker in Batman vs Superman?

Dawn of Justice logo

Latino Review is reporting that the Joker will show up in Batman vs Superman through a flashback sequence. This particular flashback has to do with the Joker flipping out and beating Jason Todd (Robin) to death.

We’ll find out for sure when Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on March 25, 2016 and when Suicide Squad drops August 5, 2016.

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