Ant-Man: Two Final Viral Videos Lead Us Straight Into the Movie

Ant-Man is out tonight, and that means its promotional campaign is just about wrapping up. 

As part of said promotion, the very clever WHIH YouTube channel has been putting out some great in-universe video clips over the past few weeks, and we’ve got the final two to lead us into the film proper.

The first video is surveillance footage of the heist that landed Scott Lang in prison (which WHIH has covered in previous viral videos). The footage was used as evidence in the ensuing court case between Lang and his former employer, Vista Corp.

There’s not a lot here we don’t already know, but it does offer a fun glimpse into Lang’s personality and flair for sticking it to the man:

The second video is a WIRED interview with Darren Cross, the CEO of Pymtech (I guess confirming that WIRED totally exists in the MCU).

Here are the highlights:

  • Darren Cross was hired by Pymtech right out of school (MIT valedictorian at 20 years old), and has worked there his entire adult life.
  • Cross found archives of “abandoned projects and suspended R&D” in Pymtech’s cold storage, things he was interested in working on. My guess is that Hank Pym abandoned work on the Ant-Man suit after finding its potential to be too dangerous, reservations that Darren Cross did not share.

pym technologies blueprints

  • Cross eventually became the CEO of Pymtech. Despite rising profits though, Pymtech has yet to release a single new product since Cross took control of the company. In response to this, Cross hints that they will soon be revealing something that the public will find “astonishing” (likely a reference to the Astonishing Ant-Man comic book series).
  • SHIELD gets name-dropped, which we know Hank Pym had some dealings with in the past.
  • Finally, Cross denies forcing Pym out of his own company, but it’s pretty obvious that’s not the case.


Ant-Man, the final MCU film of Phase Two, is out tonight for select “midnight” screenings, and everywhere else tomorrow.

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