MCU: Keep an Eye Out for This Civil War Tease in Ant-Man

The more we see of Ant-Man, the more we’re realizing that this is a story deeply embedded in the current state of the MCU.

It’s no surprise then that as the final installment of Phase Two, Ant-Man will lead right into Captain America: Civil War next year. One direct link was revealed by Marvel big cheese Kevin Feige in a recent interview.

Spoilers, obviously. Feige told Fandango:

If you were to freeze the frame when Ant-Man is flying over the Avengers facility, there are new landmarks and buildings in that frame that you won’t see until Captain America: Civil War.

What’s the “Avengers facility”?

The “New Avengers Facility” was featured briefly at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Located in Upstate New York, it was built in the aftermath of the Battle of Sokovia as a new base of operations for the Avengers, following Tony Stark’s departure from the team.

avengers age of ultron facility

It’s staffed by a lot of familiar faces, including Captain America, Black Widow, Maria Hill, Erik Selvig, and as we’ll soon see, one flying superhero in particular.

Why is Scott Lang above the Avengers facility?

Even bigger spoilers await, so turn back now if you want to keep this section of the film fresh.

Basically, Scott Lang is riding on top of a flying ant above a facility, and realizes that its the Avengers’ base. He’s on a mission to steal some tech he’ll need to pull off the film’s big heist. This little operation puts him on a crash course with Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, as we saw in a previous teaser.

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