Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Review

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When I first bought an XBox 360 I did it for one game only and that was Dead Rising. The game was really fun to play as you went against not only hordes of zombies but psychopaths as well. The sequel introduced a bigger map as well as the ability to combine items to make more powerful weapons. Now with the release of the XBox One they have released Dead Rising 3 but is this game that will persuade you to purchase the new console or should you boot up one of the older games?


Dead Rising 3 takes place in the fictional city of Los Perdidos as you play as a mechanic Nick Ramos. The city has undergone a massive zombie outbreak and the military has decided to plan an airstrike that will wipe out all life in the city. Trapped inside of this city with hordes of flesh eating ghouls you need to figure out how you are going to get out of this before you are killed by your own government.

Gamers will love all the massive improvements that have been done to this game from Dead Rising 2. For example instead of finding a workbench to create combo weapons all you need are the two items and press and hold A. Also as you gain levels and PP you are given points to improve your abilities. So instead of waiting to see what you are going to get for each level you can choose to get more health or inventory slots. As you progress through the game there are various side missions you can go on including Psycho missions (which are boss fights and the first one is against a crazed martial artist with a spear).


The map that is in Dead Rising 3 is absolutely huge as the maps from the first two games can fit within this game with tons of room to spare. To help you get around the map there are various vehicles that you can hop into as you plow into hordes of zombies. There are at least five times more zombies than in Dead Rising 2 as you will be surrounded by these flesh eating monsters.


There are some drawbacks to having this game and the first is the price. You will have to not only purchase the game which is around $60 but a whole new console as well. A hefty price tag to experience a game that is a release title and doesn’t take advantage of the XBox One’s full capabilities (but to be fair no launch title ever has). Also there are instances where people have seen glitches in this game that range from the game breaking (and having to start over) to just random graphic glitches. These hopefully have been addressed at the time of this article but don’t be too surprised if you see these in game. Installing the game also takes quite some time but once it’s on the hard drive you are ready to start killing zombies


Graphically this game is superior to its predecessors as blood and gore flies as you crush, shoot and even slice them in half. I have yet to experience this game stuttering or slowing down because of the amount of enemies on the screen.


If you have an Xbox One then you need to get a copy of this game as it is the best exclusive on this console to date.

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