Doctor Who: This New War Doctor Series Will Chronicle The Time War

Yes, it’ll have John Hurt.

The Day of the Doctor 50th Anniversary Special was, for the most part, a rather fun love letter to nuWho while still delivering fun interplay between the Tenth, Eleventh, and the War Doctor. And while many Doctor Who fans still feel that the War Doctor really should have been Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor, John Hurt gave such a great performance it was hard not to feel for the guy while he was wrestling with destroying the Daleks and the Time Lords once and for all to stop the insanity.

However, aside from some glimpses in The End of Time, Night of the Doctor, and The Day of The Doctor, the actual Time War hasn’t seen much screentime. And, while it technically still won’t… we can still hear it.

How are we getting these Time War stories?

Big Finish, the company behind the very long catalogue of Doctor Who audio dramas, has announced that John Hurt will be reprising his role as the War Doctor for a series that takes place during the conflict.

So, think of it as the War Doctor getting his own series.

War Doctor Audio Book

How long will this series be?

The series will be four boxed sets of three stories each, so twelve episodes in total.

Will the War Doctor have a companion?

Possibly. Blake’s 7 star Jacqueline Pierce will play a Time Lord Cardinal, Ollistra, who may be the Doctor’s companion for these stories. However, it’s unconfirmed at this point.

Do we know the names of the episodes?

We know the name of two of the box sets: “Only the Monstrous” and “Infernal Devices.”

The “Only The Monstrous” box set will contain the episodes “The Innocent,” “The Thousand Worlds,” and “The Heart of Battle.”

Could “Infernal Devices” be about the Time Lord superweapon The Moment?

the moment

It very well could be. Not a bad guess.

When are these War Doctor stories coming out? 

“Only the Monstrous” will be out in December 2015 and “Infernal Devices” will follow in February 2016. The third and fourth set releases will be announced at a later date, as they are still in pre-production.

Are there any other Time War stories coming out?


There are! Apparently, a special prequel series is coming out about the early days of the Time War from the perspective of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. The Eighth Doctor’s “Dark Eyes” series seems to be building up to the Time War, so we can’t wait to see it break out and have the Doctor caught in the middle.

Are there any other Big Finish events we should know about?

Well, there is a rumor David Tennant is coming back as the Tenth Doctor… but it’s unconfirmed for now. Personally, we can’t wait to see more nuWho Doctors have their audio dramas. It’s a great way for fans to revisit their favorite characters.

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