Does Fargo Season 2 Connect to Season 1 and the Movie?

One of the coolest little twists in the first season of Fargo was the reveal that it was actually connected to the original movie, despite sharing no characters and being separated by nearly two decades. 

As a brief refresher, the connection comes in the form of a briefcase full of cash, which Steve Buscemi’s character buried in the movie, only to be discovered by Stavros Milos in the show. It wasn’t a huge moment, just a cool little connection that gives the two works slightly more than a thematic link.

fargo tv movie connection

Today we got our first look at the second season of the show, leading us to wonder, how are the news episodes linked to the previous season and/or the movie?

First the trailer, then we’ll chat about that:

Will Season 2 be connected in any way to other “Fargo” stories?

At least as far as this trailer goes, I’m not seeing any connections to the Fargo movie. That being said, this season does have a pretty big link to the previous season.

It will follow Lou Solverson, played by Patrick Wilson here, and Keith Carradine in Season 1. If you’re wondering why they recast him, Season 2 of the show takes place in 1979, 27 years before Lou’s daughter Molly solved the big case in Bemidji, Minnesota.

lou solverson

Like father, like daughter, Lou Solverson was also a police officer. He’ll be investigating a crime in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, while attempting to protect a pre-President Ronald Reagan (played by Bruce Campbell!).

Interestingly, Season 2’s murder mystery has actually been referenced in the show already, where it’s said that Lou once stayed up all night in freezing weather on his front porch, armed with a shotgun, waiting for “something” to arrive. We also know that during this case, he was shot in the hip, giving him a permanent limp, and later leading him to retire from the force.

It looks like Season 2 will be filling in those tantalizing blanks when it arrives in September.

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