Dustcloud a project that should be kickstarted

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There are many projects that are offered on Kickstarter and some are funded and made into great products. Some of the projects unfortunately do not make it past this phase and the project is cancelled never to see the light of day. There is one project that has caught my attention and it is a game that is being played out of Europe. The game is called Dustcloud and takes live action gaming to the next level.

Dustcloud mimics the old game of Killer that has been around for ages which was played in colleges throughout the world. In this game you took the role of an agent as you tried to eliminate the other players in a variety of scenarios. Now imagine taking this game and instead of using water pistols you are using an electronic gun. The game can be played in a variety of games either online or off but the immersive experience is in the online play. With online play you can track other agents, look up your own stats and transfer speks to your gun. Speks are the ammo that drive the game and if kill (or dust) an opponent with rounds in his gun they are transferred to yours.


The best part about this game is that it can take place anywhere and there is not a danger as there was with Killer. With killer you had some people running around with water guns or even realistic looking airsoft and the local authorities would get involved. These guns are bright white, they glow a certain color and cannot be mistaken for a real weapon. Dustcloud is really big right now in Europe as there are over 800,000 players actively playing the game. Imagine being able to take this game to your streets in your hometown?


Right now crowd funding of the game fell short and it was cancelled on kickstarter. The developers have pledged they will reboot crowd funding but when is anyone’s guess. For more information about this game head over tohttp://www.thedustcloud.com and see the future of real life gaming.

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