Throw Back Thursday: X-Force!

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Hello! My name is Zac! You probably remember me from reviews such as, “NerdBlock May 2014” and “Mortal Instruments Movie Review”. Today I’m bringing you some nostilgia, I’ll be looking at and reviewing story arcs from older comics, I’ll present them one issue at a time. We’ll laugh, We’ll cry, we’ll make some good memories.  To start I’m bringing you X-Force : The Apocalypse Solution a four issue arc.

Before we jump into the Apocalypse Solution story arc, you might be thinking to yourself,
“Hey I’ve heard of these X-Force guys before, but who are they exactly?” . The answer is can be summed up pretty simply, The X-Force are a team of X-Men who take on the missions that would be too gritty for the actual X-Men, basically they’ll do the things that the X-Men can’t do, which includes if need be assassinating targets.  The roster for the arc I’ve got for you today is comprised of Archangel, Wolverine, Psylocke, Dead-Pool, and Fantomex.

The Apocalypse Solution started off late 2010 and the plot from this arc,  is a pretty simple premise with a slight twist.  The arc starts off with Dead-Pool making smart ass remarks to somebody via communicator as he’s traversing what looks like an under-ground tunnel in search of Apocalypse worshippers.  Basically he watches a ritual sacrifice made, and a sarcofugus open, however he doesn’t see what comes out if it, as he is attacked by one of the final four horsemen War.

The story then jumps to Psylocke and Angel fighting the Archangel psyche that Warren fights to keep from taking over.  He get’s a call from who we would assume is Dead-Pool, and off the team go.  Once on location they enounter what looks to be a giant bull statue. Wolverine lunges at it, and his mind because infected with wrath, it is then revealed that this is one of the Horsemen and his abilities turn people into mindless berserkers.  Wolverine in his rage decides he wants to tangle with Archangel.  Leaving Fantomex and Psylocke to deal with War.  Psylocke jumps into action, attempting to use her abilities to bring the beast down, only to have her mind over whelmed by this creatures rage, in the end it was Fantomex who jumped into action using his abilities to make War think that Psylocke is his one true love, causing him to blow up.

Psylocke then hits Wolverine with a psy-spike, and he recovers his senses, and off they go to find a Dead-Pool who was being held captive and experimented on.

They come to find out that they just so happen to be on a ship that’s getting ready to teleport, so they decide it’s time to bounce, killing some guards on the way.

The comic ends with a little twist reveal, showing that Apocalypse was reborn, as a young boy named Evan (his name is revealed in the next issue.)


That’s it for todays adventure!  Tune in next thursday for the next chapter of the Apocalypse Solution!

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