Elite: Dangerous – Are the Artefacts Teasing a Return of the Thargoids?

Elite: Dangerous is a mammoth game. Some people have been playing for hundreds of hours and still haven’t scratched the surface of the game’s expansive world. It seems, however, space has gotten just a little bit smaller as the many pilots have discovered what are only described as “unknown artefacts.”

Is there anything else people have discovered about them?

Other than they make sounds? Not much. Ships can’t identify them.

Have people been able to make any deductions about these artefacts?

Players have messed around with the artefacts audio file and analyzed its sound, but have found nothing. They’re currently trying to combine their resources on the Elite forums to figure out what they’re dealing with, but at the moment all we have to go off of is past games and player testimony. A prevailing theory is that the artefacts relate somehow to the Thargoids, a hostile insectoid race that come from beyond charted space. Here’s what their ships looked like in a past game:


What could they be building toward?

Well, there could be an expansion coming where Thargoids are added into the game. In February 2013, the developers mentioned in a diary that “You will start to learn some of the secrets of the Thargoids, and they’ll certainly be present in the game when it starts, but they’ll very much be a background encounter.” In what capacity we’ll see the Thargoids in the future is up for debate, but there very well could be an invasion in store for the world of Elite: Dangerous.

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