The Hidden Secrets of Five Nights at Freddy’s 4: What Will the Final Chapter be About?

In yet another sly move by Scott Cawthon, creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, fans have discovered some… strange things on Cawthon’s personal site.

What does it all mean?

What Has Been Recently Discovered?

The final chapter of Five Nights at Freddy’s was announced, and no one truly knows what will happen next based on the illusive, vague story we’ve gotten so far (which you can read here).

But after reviewing the HTML of Cawthon’s site, the numbers “87” kept recurring throughout the code, and everyone jumped to a certain conclusion: the numbers were a reference an event that occurred in Five Nights at Freddy’s in 1987, when one of the animatronics (most likely Foxy) bit someone’s frontal lobe. That’s right. Brains.

Some fans believe that this is predicting the setting of the upcoming game, meaning the Five Nights 4 will be a prequel that will chronicle the bloody Bite of ’87.

Furthermore, people discovered that if you brightened up the image on Cawthon’s central page, you end up with the word, “Nightmare” being run across the bottom:


But in order to understand what the final chapter will contain, let’s look at some cold hard facts. Spoilers ahoy!

What are some cold, hard facts?

We already have a game set in 1987.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is set in 87, and we know these from the main character’s paychecks.


While the bite is never fully addressed, we have been told that the bite is the cause of the animatronics wandering around at night. They need time to roam so their servos don’t shut down, and they can’t roam during the day because of the danger they pose to Freddy’s patrons.

Another strange note is that Five Nights at Freddy’s ending is somewhat open-ended.

Firstly, we have this newspaper clipping if you beat Night 6, which is unlocked by unlocking all the minigames.


But if you brighten it, you see Springtrap standing behind him, indicating that perhaps he is not done.

NightSix Bright

Even weirder, if you get the bad ending, you get this:

Bad Ending

The eyes glowing means they may still be possessed, right? But if you get the good ending, you get this image instead:

Good Ending

No eyes glowing, the animatronics shut down and the souls of the children at rest. But notice that one animatronic is missing? It’s hard to discern which animatronic this is, but the game lets us know that even with everything having gone to plan and the question of the killer’s death solved, there is still one animatronic that may be on the loose.

My Conclusion?

It is this humble writer’s opinion that the game won’t be set in 1987 during the event of ’87 because there would be no finality in a prequel. In other words, if this is indeed the final chapter, rehashing old events won’t offer us a feeling of a true “final chapter.” While I think there may be more mention of the event of ’87 since we never fully received details, it wouldn’t offer much as a setting.

Know what would offer some conclusions? Finding the loose animatronic. While there are definitely many questions that have not been answered, such as who the hell is Golden Freddy, the endings in the third game point to the fact that the killer may still be on the loose. If Springtrap, the only real physical villain of Five Night at Freddy’s 3, is indeed possessed by the killer and there is any possibility of him missing, with the souls of the children at peace, the final game may be about that closure.

Even more interesting is the idea of a nightmare. Could The Game Theorists be partly right with their first theory that the entire game is a nightmare?

Or maybe the Freddy featured on Cawthon’s page is foreshadowing a new Nightmare Freddy? The possibilities are endless.

Think we’re missing anything? Let us know! And make sure to follow us as the secrets unfold.

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