This is Our First Look At Star Trek Beyond

Well, we now know the title. Let’s see what else we can figure out.

Star Trek Beyond has gone through quite the pre-production process. Roberto Orci left (or was forced to leave) the director’s chair, his script was thrown out, Simon Peg was brought in to co-write a new screenplay with only a few weeks left until production, and Justin Lin became the new director.

Not to say that the film will be bad, but there is understandably a great deal of apprehension surrounding it. Well, Justin Lin recently tweeted the first image from the production and we’re here to check it out.

What’s the image?

A Starfleet patch on what looks like an away team suit. Check it out:


What can we tell from this?

It seems that the film is going for a bit more of a tactile feel than the glossiness of the Abrams films. Obviously the last two films had a great deal of practical effects, but there’s something about pattern of the fabric and the bumpiness of the patch that feels more reminiscent of the 80’s era Star Trek films than Abrams’ recent outings.

Why might this be the case?

Well, if the early rumblings are any indication Star Trek Beyond will take place during the “five year mission” of exploration that happened during the original series. As a result, the crew of the Enterprise will be out in deep space with any support from Starfleet. Their equipment is going to feel used after a while and possible even break. With some luck, they’ll be out against the unknown and encountering some very strange life forms.

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