Introducing Everywear Games: A New Smartwatch Game Developer

For gamers not sold on the idea of dropping money on a smartwatch, it may be time to reassess. Today saw the announcement of Everywear Games, a new Helsinki-based game studio that plans to focus entirely on game development for smartwatches. 

Smartwatch games?

Yes! You know, games you can play. On a smartwatch. The announcement is a smart move considering the upwards-momentum in wearable smart tech. More and more gamers are taking their entertainment on the go and if the absurd amount of people playing games on smartphones are any indication, smartwatch games could potentially achieve that same sort of foothold in the marketplace.

So what is Everywear Games?

Everywear Games is a new game studio that, as stated, plans to focus primarily on developing games for smartwatches. The studio is backed by several of the top gaming investors in the world. Everywear Games’ new Chairman of the Board is Petteri Koponen, previously partner at Lifeline Ventures and Chairman of Supercell, and Nikolaj Nyhold, former partner at Sunstone Capital and a former Minecraft advisor, just joined the board of directors.

How popular are smartwatch games?

The wearable games market is still pretty young and Everywear Games is the first significant player to enter it. The studio’s goal is to create gaming experiences optimized for smart watches and tailored to fit in naturally with everyday life.

When did Everywear Games actually get started?

Everywear Games was founded in 2014 and is currently headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, which is one of the world’s leading hubs for mobile game development.

“At Lifeline, we want to invest in superstar teams and disruptive business ideas that change all the rules,” said Petteri Koponen. “We see wearable gaming as the next big seismic shift in the video game landscape, and Everywear Games is positioned perfectly to capitalize on that.”

When will we hear more about Everywear Games?

Further details on the studio and their products will be revealed in the coming year. In the meantime, you can check them out at their website or look them up on Facebook.

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