James Bond 007 Fan Trailer: What if Roger Moore Was In SPECTRE?

This fan trailer inherently raises the pun quotient by at least 60%.

Roger Moore’s era as James Bond may have its critics, but you can’t deny the actor brought an infectious joy to the role. Sure, he could be a cold blooded killer when he had to be… but Roger Moore was having so much fun playing Bond you couldn’t help but smile when he was on screen. Yes, many of his films have their fair share of problems, but they were there for those who enjoy more light hearted romps.

Daniel Craig, on the other hand, is a darker Bond with a dry sardonic wit. In many ways he’s the polar opposite of Moore’s approach… which is very fitting with modern audience sensibilities. Many are excited, thanks to a rights despite being cleared up that’s allowed Craig’s Bond to take on the classic antagonist organization SPECTRE.

Wow, SPECTRE has been gone that long, huh?

When you think about it, Roger Moore never really got his chance to fight SPECTRE the way Connery did thanks to that decades long rights dispute. The closest we got was the opening of For Your Eyes Only, where Moore’s Bond killed a man who was clearly Blofeld but who they couldn’t actually identify as such:

Well, one intrepid fan has taken it upon himself to re-edit the trailer for SPECTRE in order to remove Craig’s Bond and insert Roger Moore. The results aren’t perfect, as the audio and film quality obviously don’t match up with today’s crisp technology, but it’s certainly worth a watch. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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