Kojima’s Love-Hate Relationship with Konami: What Went Wrong?

It has been a tumultuous few weeks for famed developer Hideo Kojima and his long-standing relationship with Konami. At times, it seemed like his days working for the Japanese publisher were over, while at others, he seemed to be staying on in a new, less defined role.

However, it seems that, for the time being, Kojima will indeed be remaining with Konami as he puts the finishing touches on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

What Happened?


It all started back in mid-March, when Konami removed Kojima’s name and the Kojima Productions logo from its website and all marketing material. At the time, Konami claimed this was part of a company-wide restructuring and that Kojima remained an important presence at the studio.

The very next day, job listings began appearing for a Metal Gear related series, suggesting that Kojima’s work on MGS V would be his last with the company. Konami and Kojima issued a joint statement, reassuring fans that The Phantom Pain was not in danger and that Kojima would stay on to see the project through to completion.

What’s the Latest?

For all intents and purposes, it seemed as if Kojima was entering his last few months with the company. However, earlier this month, things changed. Konami began adding Kojima’s name back to properties associated with the Metal Gear franchise. Konami has yet to comment on the reasoning behind this policy change, but it appears to be good news.

What Does This Mean for Me?


Whether or not Kojima remains with Konami after the release of MGS V has huge implications for the future of two game franchises. Obviously, the future of Metal Gear Solid would be thrown into serious doubt. Konami would likely seek to continue the series, but without Kojima, the franchise would likely lose its unique charm and personality.

Perhaps more importantly, the future of Silent Hills would also be left up in the air. Shocking fans with its PT demo last year, the Kojima-Del Toro collaboration looks poised to become the next great entry into the horror genre. Should Kojima leave, the quality of the production could quite possibly leave with him.


If Kojima and Konami were to part ways, the industry would not only be losing a long-standing partnership; it would also be in serious danger of losing two of its most promising IPs. It is in the best interests of developers, publishers, and gamers alike that Kojima remain with his longtime business partner and continue to develop his unique and engaging titles.

We will have more on Kojima’s relationship with Konami as soon as new information becomes available. For now, check out our look back on the history of Kojima’s greatest achievement, the Metal Gear franchise.

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