Leaked Footage of Nicki Minaj’s Gem-Fused Character on Steven Universe

Cripes but some voice-acting castings are so spot-on: a video has recently leaked featuring Nicki Minaj and Aimee Mann’s guest roles on Steven Universe, in which the two voice the supremely powerful, Gem-Fusion combos of Amethyst+Garnet and Amethyst+Pearl, respectively. The footage is absolutely action-packed, and Minaj knocks it out of the park as a gargantuan, wrecking ball-wielding, four-armed giantess.

Nicki Minaj and Aimee Man, luminaries of the R&B and indie scenes respectively, lent their impressive pipes to Cartoon Network for a momentous event in Steven Universe: the fusion versions of Amethyst, Garnet, and Pearl. The episode won’t air until late August, but somehow made its way onto Youtube for the world to see. Apparently, while fusing, the Gems’ power levels are increased exponentially, at the cost of a certain mental instability as the fused form fights to remain a unified personality. It’ll be a hell of an interesting dynamic to add to the show, watching the Gems attempt to cooperate and ride the balance of power and self-control, as well as watching the fused personalities play out. Check out the video below.

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