Lies, Insecurity, Horror and The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo

We all had that kid we were friends with who was a little, or maybe a lot, better off than us. They seemed to have the nicest stuff. They never seemed to worry about things we worried about, and they always seemed to have an uncle who had an exciting job that afforded them access to magical and exotic goods. This being a game we’re talking about, of course it would be The Uncle Who Works For Nintendo.

Is this case though the uncle more unimaginably horrific than their uncle probably was. I mean, probably someone has a howling, child eating banshee for an uncle, but hopefully you didn’t know them. This game brings the horror through the dimly understood, but sharply remembered, portal of childhood insecurities. Before you really understand how people operate on different income levels it’s something of a mystery why other people have such different lives from you.

Of course the same goes for the kids on the other end. They don’t really understand why they have more stuff. They just enjoy having more stuff. They might rub it in your face a little bit, or make sure that everyone knows it’s their SNES you are all playing on. They make sure they’re always player 1 or insist on playing a game in rotation that they have completely mastered and you are woefully inadequate at.

This rich vein of memory gets accessed directly by this simple browser game, and it’s creepy as hell. Even the childish contemplation and slightly awkward conversations are spot on. I highly suggest you give it a try here.

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