Mad Max: Fury Road – Watch 18 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Even if you haven’t had the chance to see Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters yet, you’re in for a treat. Eighteen long minutes of behind-the-scenes footage has cropped up on YouTube, which shows how different scenes in the movie were made. It’s pretty awesome, check it out.

Pretty interesting, right? Especially the scenes where you can see the guys swinging wildly on the poles.

It’s also funny to see the regular vehicles hauling ass alongside the makeshift, apocalyptic ones.

What’s In the Footage?

Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road

You may notice that the footage has no narrative or commentary, instead it’s relatively raw. It’s likely this footage might also appear in the DVD and Blu-Ray special features, albeit cleaned up a bit more.

Still, it’s a great look at how the crew managed to put together the dystopian landscape and scenes from the movie. It’s nice to know most of those high-speed chase scenes were, in fact, filmed at high speeds.

Personally, it just makes me adore the film and its execution that much more. Have you had a chance to see Mad Max yet? What did you think?

It’s not often you get to see an action masterpiece in the making. Let’s hope future filmmakers learn a thing or two from this film.


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