Mark Wahlberg’s MTV Movie Awards Appearance Was Full of F-bombs & Brilliance

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Some might’ve called it rude, others might say he’s being way too hard on himself, but this is definitely one of the more memorable acceptance speeches MTV’s seen in recent years. And old or not, he’s still got cannonballs for biceps.

File under “proof that Mark Wahlberg is awesome.”

Let it be known that I have a soft spot for the reformed bad boy, so I took Wahlberg’s MTV Generation Award acceptance speech as charmingly irreverent, but others viewed his speech as sarcastic and unappreciative. Wahlberg declared his award the “’Too F**king Old To Come Back’ Award” after listing previous winners. For those who don’t know, Wikipedia has this to say about the award:

The MTV Generation Award is the successor to the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award, though it is more serious than its predecessor. The recipient of the award is celebrated for great achievement in movies. The distinction “is given to an artist who has shown us a variety of impressive roles, a personal and professional flair and of course, an awesome level of talent.”

Wahlberg then rattled off a list of names including Jennifer Anniston, Jim Carrey, and Ben Stiller before quipping “You know what they all have in common? None of them are invited back. They’re all f**king old!”

Wahlberg did take the time to thank Penny Marshall for casting him in his first film and stated that he felt very blessed to have had a “great run” (again, referencing that his career’s “run” is apparently over.) He briefly mentioned some of his life moments– from “literally being incarcerated” to having a “one-hit rap career” to being married to “the most beautiful woman in the world,” model Rhea Durham– and shushed the audience, saying “I’m about to cry in a minute, hold on!” He wrapped up his speech by saying how much he loved his family, fans, friends, and God, noting, “It’s Palm Sunday so God bless you all!”

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