MCU’s Spider-Man Now Has An Aunt May

And she’s an Oscar winner too!

Hot off the heels of the announcement that Jon Watts will directing Tom Holland in the MCU’s Spider-Man film, we now have a rumor via Variety¬†concerning who Marvel is approaching for the role of Aunt May.

Well, who is it?


Marissa Tomei, of The Wrestler and My Cousin Vinny fame.


Yeah. Didn’t expect that one. Fantastic actress, though.

Isn’t Tomei a little… young?


She is 50. Sally Field and Romsemary Harris were 66 and 75 years old respectively in their first appearances as Aunt May on screen.

So, why are they aging the character down?


The simple fact of the matter is that Marvel is playing the long game. They want a Spider-Man whom they can bank on for several sequences and Avengers films that will stretch out across more than a decade. If they cast a 75 year old actress to play Aunt May, then she simply won’t have the same staying power in the role as an actress that’s 25 years younger.

So, the simple answer is they cast a 50 year old actress so they can have her in the part as long as possible.

How long until we hear about casting for Uncle Ben?

Honestly, we probably won’t have Uncle Ben in the MCU because he’ll have already been dead. There’s no way they’re going to go through Spider-Man’s whole origin in Civil War, which means he’ll have already been a super hero for some time. That means Uncle Ben will be only spoken about or seen in a quick flash back cutaway.

When will the Spider-Man movie be out?

July 28th, 2017. Mark your calendars. Until then, join us in trying to figure out who the villain will be!

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