Porco Rosso

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“Porco Rosso”   

Have you ever dreamed of flying by yourself?  The movie “Porco Rosso” brings you a magnificent adventure of Porco Rosso, a bounty hunter flying with his favorite flying boat, chases air pirates living around the Adriatic Sea. Porco was once a human and served in the Italian Air Force as a pilot, yet he has turned into a pig because of a curse, which can be only broken by a true love. Gina, an owner of the Hotel Adriano and an old friend of Porco, loves and cares about him. One day Porco’s flying boat is attacked and crashed by an American pilot named Donald Curtis, sent by his rival pirates. Porco goes to Milan to fix his flying boat at his long time mechanic Piccolo’s place. Porco meets Fio, Piccolo’s granddaughter, a new mechanic willing to refine Porco’s flying boat. Fio has a crush on Porco and eventually loves him. Porco is anticipating a rematch with Curtis, yet he also cares about Gina and Fio, not knowing their true love. Porco or Curtis? Gina or Fio? Studio Ghibli presents a breathtaking action adventure and a love story!  

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