South Park Stick of Truth Review

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When I was living in the bay area back in 1997 my friend showed me a file he got online. The file was just called the Spirit of Christmas and had three foulmouth youths cheering on Santa and Jesus. This concept evolved into the popular show that we know and love today as South Park. There have been games released on this franchise but none have been ambitious as the latest offering from Ubisoft. But will South Park: The Stick of Truth deliver a great experience or should you just watch the show instead?

The premise of the game is there has been a thousand years of conflict between the humans and elves. As the battle has worn on each side is looking for an artifact that is known as the Stick of Truth. A prophecy has been foretold that a stranger will soon arrive as he will bring balance back to the land. Moving vans start to pull into the town of South Park as a new kid arrives into the town. That new kid is you and you are charged with aiding your iconic friends with their quests. If you manage to succeed you will be cool and known as the savior of South Park. However, if you fail you will forever be branded as a loser and shunned by everyone.


The setting is that of the characters used in the episode The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers. So you will see Eric as a Wizard, Kyle as an Elf and so forth as they create a fantasy world for us to explore. The Stick of Truth is a turn based RPG that captures all the flair and greatness of the South Park show. Each of the characters including the one you create have different abilities. Some of the battles are really interesting and there is one where you go up against “The Bard” (who is really Jimmy). During this battle he can play songs that will grant various effects to the forces he commands. You can also equip various weapons and armor to give you an edge over your opponents on the battlefield.


This game has everything a South Park fan would expect from aliens to hitler clones all woven in a great story. You even get to go to Canada (portrayed in an 8 bit landscape which makes it awesome). And the best part about it is when you finish the main storyline you can continue playing the side quests and exploring the town. If you are a fan of the show or even a fan of turn based RPG’s you need to go out and get this game.

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