Prepare Yourself: Flappy Bird Returning to the App Store

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Hold onto your butts, Flappy Bird is coming back. The life-destroying pact with Satan disguised as a game was one of the breakout App Store successes of 2014 so far, before it was suddenly pulled by its creator Dong Nguyen.

Why was the game taken down? Because it was ruining lives, no joke.

Nguyen told told Rolling Stone in a recent interview that he had gotten emails about “workers who had lost their jobs, a mother who had stopped talking to her kids.”

“At first I thought they were just joking,” he said, “but I realize they really hurt themselves.”

Despite this, Nguyen confirmed on Twitter that Flappy Bird would be back, just not “soon.”



No reason was given for the game’s planned return. Perhaps the Twilight Zone-demon that Nguyen bargained with to create Flappy Bird insisted on it.

In non-Flappy news, Nguyen also revealed he was working on a game called Kitty Jetpack. Sounds innocent enough.

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