Psychological Horror Game Hektor Has Just Been Released On The Steam Marketplace

Gamers steel yourselves! A new game has just hit the Steam marketplace and is sure to absolutely scare the socks off of you. Publisher Meridian4 and developer Rubycone have announced the release of Hektor, a thrilling psychological horror game where nothing stays the same for long.

So what’s the game like?

In Hektor, players assume the role of a test subject at HEKTOR, a defunct secret research facility buried deep under northern Greenland. Lost in the dark and armed only with a lighter and a flashlight, players must overcome years of torture-induced psychosis to escape the facility.

Sounds intense!

It is! Procedurally generated corridors change in real time and literally change with each twist and turn. A path you may have just taken will suddenly look completely different, leading players to second guess their choices as they unearth horrifying mysteries and working against their own insanity.

“The reason good survival horror games are so scary, is because they make you feel like you’re there,” said Felix Nordanåker, CEO of Rubycone. “We wanted Hektor to push this ‘immersion’ further by making players not only feel like they’re there, but there as our main character–experiencing his psychosis first hand. This is why we developed JIGSAW, a system for generating levels in real time. The effect is disorienting and unsettling: both characteristic of a broken mind.”

That sounds awesome! Where can I get it?

Hektor can be purchased on Steam for $19.99 and will be 20% off through March 20th.


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