Star Trek Beyond: Here Are The New Starfleet Uniforms

Everything old is new again.

One of the best things about J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek reboot was how it successfully took Star Trek into the modern age while still keeping a foot placed firmly in the 1960s TV show. The old costumes were still there, albeit with some updates, and the world was very much based on Roddenberry’s original vision for the future.

With Star Trek Beyond in production, everyone was wondering how the new creative team of Justin Lin, Simon Pegg, and Doug Jung would adhere to both the new and old visions for the franchise. Despite claims they wanted to stick close to the Original Series.. not everyone was convinced.

Well, Screen Crush has gotten some photos of the Star Trek Beyond shoot that may ease your fears. If these are any indication… these look even more like the original show.

Let’s see those pictures.

Here are the new away team jackets:

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.50.02

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.50.09

Those look familiar…

They should. They’re very much in the style of the jackets from the original Star Trek pilot, “The Cage,” with some of the style of the Enterprise jackets featured in their pilot, “Broken Bow.” However, these new jackets seem to have a lot more padding on them to protect the wearer. Check out these pictures for comparison:

Number One  The Cage 1965 Star Trek

Broken Bow

Ah, gotcha. What about the actual uniforms?

Well, it seems that Simon Pegg’s Scotty shows up, in which you can see his uniform:

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.50.05

Huh. It looks different, but I can’t quite place it.

You’ll notice a slightly raised collar and what looks like plain fabric rather than the patterned fabric of the 2009 film and Into Darkness. The uniform also seems to fit Pegg in very much the same way the original uniforms clung to the cast in the 1960s. Lastly, the pants are more grey than both the 2009 and original series versions.


Anything else worth nothing?

Yup! Notice Chris Pine’s hair. It’s much closer to Kirk’s style in the TV show. It’s a little longer than what we’ve seen before and drapes over his forehead in a way that’s very close to Shatner’s version of the character.

What about that black and white alien?

We really don’t know, but based on the way she seems to be interacting with the Enterprise crew she seems to be friendly. Also, the make of her costume also seems to indicate she’s from a technologically advanced species… which means hopefully no one is breaking the Prime Directive by talking to her. Though it does seem strange Scotty is mocking her a bit:

Screenshot 2015-08-20 13.50.22

I want to see more!

We do too. We imagine we should be getting a trailer late this year or around March next year. Until then, we’ll just have to wait for the movie to come to theaters.

When is that?

July 8th, 2016.

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