Star Wars: Force Awakens – Does This LEGO Commercial Give Away What Happens on Jakku?

Now with more X-Wing action.

We’ve seen Jakku more than any other planet in The Force Awakens. We know about a forest planet, an ice planet, and a possible Yavin IV/Dantooine Resistance base. We have some ideas about what each one is about based on the footage we’ve seen. We know one is a Resistance base, we know the forest planet has ruins and gets invaded by First Order stormtroopers, and we know that the ice planet is home to Starkiller base.

Jakku has a lot of history post-Return of the Jedi history behind it. We know that it was the site of a major battle between the New Republic and the Empire which may or may not have halted hostilities between the parties. By the time of The Force Awakens, the planet is something of a junkyard and war museum rolled into one. We know that Rey is a scavenger who lives on the planet, Finn is a stormtrooper who crash lands on its surface in a TIE Fighter, and the two eventually meet and run from The First Order together.

So why is there a LEGO commercial showing Poe Dameron dog fighting with Kylo Ren in order to rescue BB-8?

Wait, what?

There’s a LEGO commercial showing off Poe’s black X-Wing rescuing BB-8 from a conspicuously un-cloaked Kylo Ren, who’s trying to chase down the droid. So, our question is when are Poe and Kylo Ren on Jakku… and why are they fighting over BB-8?

Um, could you be reading into this? It’s just a LEGO commercial.

You’re totally right. They could just be cooking up some scenario to sell toys… but what if it isn’t? Is it possible the marketing has been using Finn and Rey to distract us from a subplot going on in Jakku? After all, we know very little about Poe. We’ve seen him captured in a First Order location, flying around in an X-Wing, and possibly at the Resistance Base…

… but nothing about Jakku.

The Force Awakens marketing has been fantastic, giving us enough small morsels to distract us from the fact that they’re really not telling us anything about the story of the film. It’s very possible that Poe (and his X-Wing) will be part of the Jakku section. Perhaps they will come to the rescue of the Millennium Falcon when it’s being chased by TIE Fighters?

And, if so, what happens after? Does Poe stick around or does he return to the Resistance? There’s a lot of questions about his character as he seems disconnected from the others. We’ll have to wait for more information, but we’re very curious to see if there’s any truth to these theories.

Or it could be just some silly thing they made up to sell toys.

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