Ten of the Best Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fan Posters You’ll See Anywhere

It’s amazing to think we have two trailers for The Force Awakens, not to mention a third for Rogue One, but no poster at all for the film. We imagine a teaser poster should be hitting sometime this summer, with a full official poster debuting in the fall. However, until then we’re left with our own imaginations.

Luckily, some daring artists out there have very, very good imaginations and the talent to put them on screen. We scoured the internet for the most talented people who have delivered the most jaw dropping fan posters out there for The Force Awakens. You may have seen our old article (back before we knew the title of the movie), but now that a ton of art assets for the film have dropped from the trailers and set photos it’s a whole new ballgame.

We searched across deviant art, fan sites, tumblr, reddit, and twitter to bring you the top ten fan posters on the internet, but it’s been more than worth it. So, sit back and enjoy the imagination on display. If you like a poster, we’ve linked the artist’s homepage below each image so you can check out their extended bodies of work… many of which are very impressive.

Click on the image to view it at full resolution!

Andrew Swainson character

By Andrew Swainson


By Paul Shipper

Phil Noto

By Phil Noto

Legion of Potatos

By Legion of Potatoes

Drew Struzan inspired by Rampant Imagination

By rampantimaginationA

Kode Logic

By Kode Logic


By Arkade Burt


By Darth Temoc


A quick but interesting photoshop job we found based on some leaked concept art.



Think we missed some? Let us know in the comments!


  1. There are 3 Lucasfilm officially released posters for The Force Awakens. The official teaser poster is in theaters now and shows the title in a star field. The second was a mini poster given out at Celebration Anaheim after the J.J. Abrams opening ceremonies 2nd teaser reveal and it looks just like the one currently at theaters but the title font was at an angle. And the 3rd was a freebie that was given out at Celebration Anaheim by artists Joe Corroney & Brian Miller. It shows art based on the first teaser and also is endorsed by Lucasfilm.

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