That SHIELD Spin-Off Isn’t About Skye or Inhumans

Earlier this month, we got word that Marvel was planning an Agents of SHIELD spin-off series. We initially guessed that it might have something to do with the Inhumans. According to a recent report though, that isn’t the case.

What will it be about?

According to Deadline, Marvel is close to finalizing a deal that will have Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood star in the series as Mockingbird and Lance Hunter, the formerly married SHIELD agent duo.

If that’s correct, then it sounds like the spin-off will be a lot closer to the current, ongoing show than we would’ve thought. Instead of focusing on an ensemble team though, Whedon style, maybe it will be a little bit more protagonist-driven.

What else do we know?

We know that the series is being developed by Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski, both of whom are already involved with Agents of SHIELD. Additionally, we’ve heard rumors that whatever this series will be about, it will be set up in the upcoming episodes of SHIELD’s second season.

If this report is right, and it’s a Mockingbird/Hunter-centric series, my guess is that they’ll make up, get back together, and either be sent on a special SHIELD mission, or they’ll decide to go and do their own thing.


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