The Flash – Who Is Gorilla Grodd?

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Warning: Spoilers for The Flash TV show and comics follow

If you’ve been watching The Flash since the pilot, you may have noticed them teasing this character.


And for good reason. Gorilla Grodd is arguably The Flash’s biggest foe. He made his official debut in the latest episode of The Flash “Grodd Lives”.

How does he differ from the comics?

First a quick recap of the events . A mysterious masked man was robbing Central City Vault. When the Flash came to try and stop him, he and the attacker both appeared to experience violent mental flashbacks that resulted in them failing their respective mission. The masked man attempted to steal again, this time from an armored vehicle. The Flash was able to stop and capture him this time, revealing the masked man to be General Eiliing. Eiling appeared to not be mentally empty but after some interrogation from Barry, Eiling made the stunning statement that he was not Eiling but in fact Grodd.

In term of Grodd’s special powers and abilities, the two incarnations of the foe are very similar. Grodd in the comics is shown to have formidable psychokinetic abilities and can transfer his consciousness into the bodies of other creatures, and telepathically control weaker minds.


However their origin story is quite different. Rather than being gifted his abilities after the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator accident like the majority of the villains on the show, the comic version of Grodd was gifted his abilties from an alien ship crashing in his home in Africa (originally it was a radioactive meteor but was later retconned). Grodd and his troupe of gorillas were imbued with super intelligence by the ship’s pilot, whom they took as a leader. This leads to Grodd and the troupe building what would be known as “Gorilla City”. Embolded by his transformation, Grodd bided his time, waiting for an opportunity to seize greater power. Finally he took advantage of his new found powers and used them to control a pair of outsiders to murder his alien mentor.

Whats next?

Luckily for us viewers, Grodd was not dispatched of so quickly. Grodd is a villain more than capable to being the “big bad” villain of season 2 if he reaches comic book levels. If a few development’s occur this could become a huge possibility.

From the brief sequence in the tunnel it was implied that Grodd had been getting smarter. Television version Grodd was shown to have developed a high intellect but no where near the super intelligence he possesses in the comic book. If Grodd can reach this level of intelligence and break independently of Wells this could be a huge possibility.

Aside from the abilities shown in the television show, Grodd also has the capacity to project telepathic beams and transform matter to a limited extent. How and if the showrunners decide to give him these abilities might be a challenge with the constraints of having a CGI villain but its something that would likely be necessary to put on him the level of other metahumans of the show.

Another possibility is the appearance of Solovar. Solovar is another gorilla in Grodd’s troupe. Solovar is the yin to Grodd’s yang in the books and possesses all the abilities Grodd has. Although he has not been hinted at at all during this season, who’s to say that he can’t possibly show up later and become an ally to Barry Allen.


The show ended with a last shot of Grodd, showing his improved strength. With only two episodes left we might have seen the last of Grodd this season but hopefully we get a teaser of his season 2 appearances.

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