Mass Effect Andromeda: The 10 Weapons We Want To See Return

Mass Effect 4 is in the works, and while we don’t know too much at the moment we have some ideas regarding the story and the overall gameplay. Despite any rumors about the characters or the premise, however, one thing is certain: you will be shooting a lot of guns. We have some big favorites from the first three games, but there are 10 in particular we want to see make big returns for the next generation installment of the franchise.


1. M-8 Avenger


It may not be the best, prettiest, or most useful gun in the series… but it may just be the most iconic. The M-8 Avenger is to Mass Effect as the M41A Pulse Rifle is to Aliens. In a way, it’s a mascot of the franchise that features the same arc aesthetic that’s present in the Normandy’s design and even the title logo. It’s also a very reliable automatic rifle.

2. M-96 Mattock


Introduced in a DLC pack for Mass Effect 2, this rifle is a single shot and semi-automatic instrument of complete destruction. With very little kickback, excellent accuracy, and a rate of fire only limited by your ability to repeatedly pull the trigger it became the cornerstone of many load outs. Its only drawback was a smaller clip size, but it was a small price to pay for precision pain.

3. Phaeston


A late addition to the series, the Phaeston is a Turian weapon found in Mass Effect 3. It has a massive clip size and a high automatic rate of fire that could take even the largest enemies down if you hit the right place. The problem is the weapon is lacking in the accuracy department. However, with the stabilization and a accuracy augmentations this weapon became a force to be reckoned with. In no time at all, you could make a fifty bullet sized hole in just about anything standing in front of you. That and the gun just looks cool.

4. M-300 Claymore


It may not be the most practical weapon, but there’s something about unloading a massively powerful single shot into your opponents that’s incredible satisfying. When playing as a Vanguard, it made for a good hit and run weapon, as it killed many enemies in one shot.

5. M-22 Eviscerator


Probably the most beloved weapon by the Vanguard class, the three shot clip of this shotgun made it the perfect weapon for a biotic charge. Three shots allowed you to jump into a swarm of enemies and discharge just enough pain to whittle down a large enemy or kill three small ones before reloading.

6. M-98 Widow


Far and away the most beloved sniper rifle in the series. It’s one shot clip meant you better be accurate, but if you were that then you only needed one to begin with. If you played as an Infiltrator or Soldier, this was your trusty tool to turn heads into blood soakedĀ confetti.

7. M-5 Phalanx


Arguably the best heavy pistol in the series, it debuted in Mass Effect 2 as the Systems Alliance version of Dirty Harry’s Magnum Revolver. Six shots, each packing a devastating punch, was the name of the game. Not only could it be an excellent back up weapon, it worked extremely well against heavily armored or shielded targets.

8. Arc Projector

arc projector

A free DLC weapon to anyone who bought a new copy of Mass Effect 2, the Arc Projector was the ultimate crowd control weapon. After a two second charge up time, the weapon fired an electric pulse at the target which spread out – jumping from target to target in a wave of damage that also paralyzed them for a short time. It was incredibly useful against enemies with shields, stripping them so you could use biotics. The best part? it couldn’t hit your teammates. Unfortunately, the lack of heavy weapons in Mass Effect 3 meant this weapon hasn’t been seen since its first appearance, which is another one of many reasons we’d love to see it return in Mass Effect 4.

9. Sync Laser

syn laser

A Mass Effect 3 weapon specific weapon to only one mission of the game (which admittedly included a very annoying boss fight), it showed more in potential than it did in practice. By relegating it to only specific moments of the game, something was taken away from the idea of an orbital strike weapon. However, if you could carry it anywhere in Mass Effect 4 and use it to call down strikes from your ship on groups of enemies, that would be very satisfying. Sure, it’s a bit of a rip off of Gears of War‘s Hammer of Dawn, but we don’t care because you can’t truly trademark awesome.

10. M-920 Cain

When you look up “overkill” in the dictionary, you will find the following the following definition,

“The amount by which destruction or the capacity for destruction exceeds what is necessary.”

… the perfect description of this weapon, and we love it for that. Essentially a mini nuke, it took out just about anything you pointed it at… and if it didn’t die immediately it was certainly well on the way. Throw in an incredibly satisfying shooting and explosion animation and you now have a staple of the series. It would be a crime to at least not include a cameo of this weapon in Mass Effect 4, especially if the moment was earned.

Cain meme

So, did we get the essentials down? If we missed any of your favorites let us know in the comments!


  1. Somebody pulled weapon names out of a hat. You happened to get the Claymore or the Arc Pistol right, but other than that these are pleb tier or campaign only weapons.

  2. Totally Agree with Q5 above. If you played ME3 before you would be mentioning the Harrier not the Mattock. Bring more of the guns that were unique, like the mine laying scorpion pistol, the electircity blasting reegar shotgun, and the beam of destruction that is the prothean particle rifle.

  3. Um… Have you actually played Mass Effect THREE, or are you planning on just skipping from 2 to 4? With the exception of the Claymore and the heavy weapons from 2 which don’t exist in 3, this list could double as “Worst Weapons in ME3”.

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