Three Alternate ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Suits Reveal Costume Could Have Been Much Different

One of the more obvious changes to Spider-Man in the 2012 reboot The Amazing Spider-Man is the costume. Sam Raimi’s version (from the original Spider-Man trilogy) tried to stick as closely to the source material as possible, but the new movie presented a very different look for the classic suit. And hey, it wasn’t half-bad. But apparently that costume could have been different. Much different.

spidermanalt2 asm3 470_2727320

They certainly do look…interesting? I can’t help but think of Batman and Robin’s chrome chestpiece when I see these costumes, so maybe we lucked out in the end. Either way, we’re now getting superawesomespidey wearing a firehat, so it’s all good.

[via Yahoo!MoviesUK]

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