Visceral’s Mystery Star Wars Game is Sort of Like 1313 and Uncharted. Could it be a Dark Forces Reboot?

Accomplished voice actor Nolan North, Nathan Drake himself, recently spoke at a Metrocon panel and took questions from the crowd. After answering some questions about the new Uncharted game, Nolan gave some tid bits about Visceral’s new Star Wars game. You can watch the entire video below, but we’ve put the time code at the relevent part for the Uncharted and Star Wars news. Feel free to reset it if you want to watch it from the beginning.

What did he say?

Here’s the quote :

“If you’re a big fan of Amy Hennig and her style of story, she’s gone to EA and is going to reboot a brand new Star Wars franchise in the style of Uncharted… I happen to know a lot about it and it’s going to be awesome.”

A fan immediately asked if the game was going to be a rebooted Star Wars 1313, but Nolan said no. The new project is, however, “along the same lines.”

How do you reboot a “brand new Star Wars franchise?”

Isn’t that a strange quote? There are two ways we can see to interpret that: either Hennig came on board to reboot an existing Star Wars game Visceral was working on (kind of like what happened to her Uncharted 4), or North misspoke and meant Visceral is rebooting an older Star Wars gaming franchise.

If Visceral is rebooting an old franchise, what could it be?

Off the top of our heads, there really only one Star Wars gaming franchise that perfectly matches what Hennig has done so far and will give her the opportunity to create the kind of game we’ve heard rumored:

Dark Forces.


Which one is Dark Forces again?

In the first game, you play as Rebel mercenary Kyle Katarn as he takes down an upgraded stormtrooper (the Dark Trooper) project. In subsequent games, Kyle discovers he has a Jedi heritage and becomes a Jedi Knight himself, eventually becoming a close friend of Luke Skywalker.

How would they reboot Dark Forces?

If Visceral’s game is indeed a Dark Forces reboot, they would probably base it off the first game due to Lucasfilm’s focus on the original trilogy time frame. It would also be highly likely the first person gameplay would be revamped into the Uncharted style platformer/cover shooter. Hopefully, Kyle and Jan will remain similar characters. Given that the Dark Trooper project is the perfect plotline for a video game, we wouldn’t be surprised to see that return as well.


What about the Jedi Knight material?

Much like the original series, we wouldn’t expect that to pop up very strongly in the first game. They may have hints at Kyle’s Jedi heritage, but you need somewhere to go with sequels.


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