Watch Real-Life Jetpacks Fly Over Dubai

Whether it be from old Sci-Fi serials or the opening of Thunderball, most of us have had fantasies of using a jetpack since we were young. Well, Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet had that fantasy too, so they decided to make it a reality. Check out the video below to watch some truly spectacular shots of them flying over Dubai.

Wait, are these real?

If the site and video are to be believed, yes. Though, admittedly most jet packs in fiction don’t have a gliding apparatus attached.

What are the capabilities of this jetpack?

The whole thing is two meters long and weighs 55 kilograms. It can ascend at 180KPH, has an average cruising speed of 200KPH, and has a descending speed of 300KPH. Overall flight time is 6 to 13 minutes depending on speed.

Who are the pilots?

Yves Rossy is a professional pilot who dabbled in the worlds of free falling, sky surfing, and wing suiting. He found all of them unsatisfying, so he developed the jetpack over a number of years. Over the course of perfecting his flying apparatus, he’s flown over such spectacular locations as the Swiss Alps, the English Channel, and the Grand Canyon.

Vince Reffet is a skydiver who has completed a BASE jump off of the Burj Khalifa and has been mentored by Rossy since 2009. He spends his time BASE jumping, skydiving, and engaging in other such activities that include going fast and moving through the air.

Where can I learn more?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much info out at the moment, but there is an official site for the pair and their efforts you can check out here.

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