What is Legendary Bringing to Comic-Con 2015?

Legendary Pictures has a bunch of big movies on the horizon, so they’re showing up in force at this year’s Comic-Con to build up that hype.

What will Legendary be bringing to its Hall H panel?

Legendary’s big panel (scheduled for Saturday, July 11 at 2:30 PM) will be hosted by Chris Hardwick, who is always a ton of fun. As far as movies go, the studio will definitely be showing off Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak, which is out later this year, and Krampus, a horror-comedy by the director of Trick ‘r’ Treat.

The big attraction this year will be Warcraft though, and it’s expected that we’ll get our first look at footage outside of what was revealed at BlizzCon last year.

As far as guests go for these segments, Legendary hasn’t announced anything yet, but rumor has it that both Guillermo del Toro and Duncan Jones (the Warcraft director) will make an appearance. Fingers crossed for Tom Hiddleston (for Crimson Peak) as well!

Any surprise reveals rumored?

It’s tough to say, as there aren’t a lot of other Legendary releases on the docket that would have footage to show at Comic-Con.

If there will be a surprise teaser to reveal though, the likeliest suspect would be Spectral, currently scheduled for August 2016. The film follows a spec-ops team sent to fight supernatural invaders that have taken over a city. With a first-time director and a cast of unknowns, it hasn’t been getting a lot of attention so far. A big Comic-Con reveal could change that, if Legendary was so inclined.

An alternate candidate is The Great Wall, another 2016 release. This one stars Matt Damon and Andy Lau, although we don’t know much about the actual story. Apparently, it will revolve around some kind of mystery surrounding the construction of the Great Wall of China, and may have sci-fi elements. Beyond that though, no clue.

Outside of those (which have both finished production, and thus, have plenty of footage to show), we could also get a surprise reveal of something a little further off.

Last year’s reveal of Skull Island certainly didn’t use any scenes from the film proper, so anything is possible. Currently in development are Godzilla 2 and Pacific Rim 2. If Del Toro does show up to promote Crimson Peak, could he be bringing a surprise teaser for a Pacific Rim sequel? It doesn’t seem particularly likely, but man do I want that.

Well that covers the panel, how about on the show floor?

Legendary’s show floor booth is always a treat, and this year sounds like another great installment. Booth #3920 will once again host film props (no word yet if it’s the same stuff as last year or not), autograph signings, giveaways, and some kind of virtual reality experience.

Last year’s VR experience was a Pacific Rim demo (and an awesome one at that). I’m hoping that this year’s will be something different (maybe Warcraft?), but this hasn’t been officially announced yet.

I’ll keep you posted if any further details on Legendary’s Comic-Con plans emerge.


  1. Where’s the news about the upcoming Mass Effect movie that keeps dragging along?!!
    There was rumored to be a sneak trailer at this years Con for the movie also rumored for release in late 2016.

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