What is Star Wars: Uprising, and How Does it Tie Into the New Canon?

Update: The game has been officially announced. It is an action RPG set after Return of the Jedi. You can read all about it here.

Now that the post-Return of the Jedi portion of Star Wars history is open season to be filled with all sorts of material in the new continuity, it isn’t surprise that all sorts of little tid bits are starting to appear.  Today, we have a leak on a mobile game that seems to be taking place just after the Battle of Endor, Star Wars: Uprising.

What is Uprising about?

There was an article posted and then pulled on Destructioid, but we caught their initial quote describing the game:

“The entire canon of Star Wars has been split open, and Disney is ready to reclaim it. Not only are they planning on continuing the original trilogy with The Force Awakens, but they’re also working on side story projects, as well as a film that ties (Return of the) Jedi to the newly minted universe. Star Wars: Uprising, set to launch later this year, is a mobile game that will attempt to help bridge the game ahead of Abrams’ upcoming movie.

It will evidently focus on events in the Anoat Sector, highlighting Hoth and Cloud City after the fall of the Emperor and the Battle of Endor. Gameplay will consist of going on missions, building an avatar, and working your way up to “large scale sector wide battles.” A beta sign up will be rolling out today.”

So, what kind of game is it?

Odd are it will be a free to play strategy/empire building game with microtransactions, like many strategy games on mobile devices. It makes sense to capitalize on the popularity of the genre, as Clash of Clans and Game of War have large followings.

Okay, what is the Anoat Sector?


It’s an out of the way sector between Hoth and Bespin that features three habitable planets and a large asteroid presence. Remember the asteroid field the Falcon flew through when fleeing the Imperial navy in The Empire Strikes Back? That was the Anoat sector.


One of the sector’s planets, Anoat, was also featured in the game Dark Forces. It was portrayed as, well, a sewer. If you weren’t careful, you’d be attacked by Diagonas. So, given the resources available it’s uncertain why both sides would want the sector. Perhaps the asteroids have resources worth mining or it’s a key tactical position in a hyperspace lane that will assist with supply lines.

How does this fit into the timeline?

Well, it seems that the game will feature into a period just after the Battle of Endor, highlighting the Rebellion’s (or will it be the New Republic?) expansion in the wake of the Empire’s disarray. We should know more when the game is most likely released in the fall.

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