Fallout 4 Is Definitely Coming, To Be Revealed Soon

Bethesda has updated the official Fallout website, replacing the usual content with a “please stand by” message. There’s a countdown timer below the text that reveals an additional announcement will be coming tomorrow.

It’s not clear what their planning to announce tomorrow. They may officially unveil the next game, or they may release a teaser trailer. If they want to keep the hype train moving, they could do something like an ARG, but we’ll see.

It’s interesting that Bethesda chose to announce the game ahead of their E3 conference, which is set to take place on June 14. It leaves one to wonder, what else are they going to announce and show off? This is their first ever press conference at the event. They must have some big plans in the works.

Fallout fans may recognize the “please stand by” image currently being displayed on the site, which has been taken from the previous game:

Let’s hope the Pip-Boy makes a triumphant return!

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