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Spring 2003 its a Wednesday. I’m in my 8th grade classroom. I know Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire came out today. I’m trying to figure out how can I get the game. My birthday isn’t for another two months, but I can’t wait any longer. I’ve been tracking the games for months now. Skip a few days to friday afternoon. My parents refuse to buy me the game, I need a solution. Do I wait for my birthday? No way! I deicide to go around the neighborhood offering to mow people’s lawns. $20 per lawn. And in a matter of hours, I have the $40 dollars required to buy the game. I plead with my parents to take me to the nearby Gamestop, they finally agree. Now I’m faced with the decision Ruby or Sapphire? If I could’ve I would have bought both. I eventually decide to get Ruby out mere randomness. I play the game till my batteries drain completely, I steal the tv remotes AAA batteries, get some aluminum foil and start playing all over again. The colors, the reflections on water, the rain, the double battles. This game made the simple things so grand and exciting. Fast forward to 2014 and I find myself equally excited for these new remakes. Why? Well first of, I cant wait to see Hoenn in 3D graphics. The familiar music is sure to get an enhancement as well. Mudkip is a badass starter. Team Magma and Plasma seem like the only true threathing teams in the pokemon world. And frankly its just reminiscent of that year when I was to the verge of obsession with Pokemon. It was my first true pruchase with money I made completely on my own. From then on that’s how I bought all my stuff (ipod, ps2, gbaSP, DS). This “childdish” game in a way propeled me to be to some extent in those years to be independant. I can’t wait for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and now I can afford both.

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