Isn’t it time for Timesplitters to come back?

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With the release of the next-gen consoles last year there has already been plenty of remakes of old games announced, but one that I and lots of other fellow gamers (maybe you reading this very article, it’s likely as you saw the title) want to see return is the infamous Timesplitters series. The series was a classic on the ps2 peaking at Timesplitters 2 with it’s fast pace multiplayer and wacky single player it instantly became one of the all time greats on the PS2, it was the closest a game in my opinion has ever got to the joys of Goldeneye from the N64, which isn’t surprising as the people that made Goldeneye, Free Radical Design were also the makers behind the Timesplitters series.

The multiplayer was what the series was know and prasied for, with excellent map designs, characters ranging from cowboys and robots to a zombie monkey and a fantastic range of weapons. Nothing quite beats have a group of friends around all playing as little monkeys while trying to throw bricks at each other, you can know for certain that chaos will ensue between you and your friends. Plus the single player was brilliant too, who can forget the opening level to Timesplitters 2 where you start off in the dam having to sneak your way in while paying homage to Goldeneye in so many ways.

I had hoped that they would have done a HD remake of the series on the PS3 like they did with lots of other popular games series, but sadly it never happened. Come on, even if we don’t get Timesplitters 4 can we at least have a HD remake of the orignal three for either the PS3 or PS4? Hopefully one day that will happen, until then we will just have to dust off the old PS2.

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