Mortal Kombat X: Quitalities Will Punish Rage Quitters

It’s a Quitality! What’s that? Why, it’s set to be Mortal Kombat X‘s punishment for players who rage quit during online matches.

A Quitality will occur when a player rage quits an online match. The offending player’s character will be finished off and his head will explode “as a way of making the winner look better”, according to the Kombat Kast stream.


Finally! A punishment for rage quitters! Any other new Mortal Kombat X news?

NetherRealm Studios announced during the Kombat Kast today that Mortal Kombat X will feature support for last-gen fighting sticks. This means that if you’re using a last-gen fight stick (like the special edition stick from Injustice: Gods Among Us), you’ll be able to continue using that for next-gen MKX.

Enough talk! Let’s see it!

Here it is in action:


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