Star Wars: Your Guide To All The Ships And Vehicles In The Force Awakens

Just so you can keep them all straight.

One of the things that makes Star Wars so iconic is the fantastic art direction. Sure, the sound effects and acting are all incredibly important, but the visually tangible quality of the universe has let it stand apart from dozens of other science fiction franchises.

With The Force Awakens only a few short months away, we’ve gotten new looks at the starships and vehicles of the film. We’re here to give you a handy guide so you know which side has what ship and what they’re all used for.

Let’s get started.

The First Order:

TIE Fighter



Obviously, you don’t need a guide to tell you that these little ships belong to the bad guys. Aside from a black paint job and white panels, the First Order TIE Fighter is pretty much the same as the one used during the days of the Galactic Empire. It just looks a little meaner.

Star Destroyer


We don’t really know the capabilities on these ships, but they seem to be in line with their predecessors. The First Order star destroyer’s more pronounced diamond shape gives it more surface area, which radiates more majesty and menace all at once.

Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

Kylo Ren shuttle LEGO

An evolution of the Lambda-class shuttle used by the Empire, Kylo Ren’s shuttle has the same folding wing structure but also more firepower. We’re not sure what the troop capacity is, but really all we need to know is that when this thing comes to town… Kylo Ren is showing up with it.

Troop Transport


The Empire never really had an on screen troop carrier like the Republic gunship during the Clone Wars. The closest we had was the AT-AT, which was plenty formidable despite the fact it wasn’t very practical. With their no frills, submarine-esque design we wouldn’t be surprised if they temping targets for Resistance convoy raids. We’ve seen the interior of these ships in the first trailer:


First Order transpor interior


First Order Walker


The successor to the AT-AT, it seems smaller and focused on firepower. We don’t actually know if we’ll see these in action, but it’s nice they were included. They could just be background color for this film, but there’s no reason they can’t show up in Episode VIII or IX.

The Resistance:

Millennium Falcon


You all know it, you all love it. The most famous ship in all of Star Wars is making its comeback in December and we can hardly wait. We’re not entirely sure what the old girl has been up to these last thirty years… or if Han Solo has been in command the whole time. The one thing we do know is that she has a new sensor dish to replace the one Lando Calrissian lost inside the second Death Star.

Incom T-70 X-Wing

t-70 xwing

The old favorite has returned, this time with a sleek redesign inspired by Ralph Mcquarrie’s original concept art. We’re not entirely sure what the new capabilities of the fighter are, but we imagine it’s like the old X-Wing… just a little cooler.

Stealth X-Wing



We don’t actually know if it’s a stealth fighter, but we do know the awesome paint job isn’t just for show. We’re hoping to know more soon, but our money is on the fact this ship was specially designed to slip behind enemy lines.

Rey’s Speeder


Rey is a scavenger, so it makes perfect sense her speeder looks like it was made from a salvaged starship engine. Seriously… this thing looks like a turbine with a seat on top. We imagine she’s going to get some serious thrust with this puppy. The only question is… what ships did she salvage the parts from?

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