Video Games Become a Reality Thanks to The Void and Oculus Rift, No Seriously

A new virtual reality theme park will be opening soon in Utah. It’s called Void, or Vision of Infinite Dimensions.

The concept behind it is simple, it merges the innovations of virtual reality with real world objects and scenery. The virtual worlds that players will explore in-game will be designed to match up with the course and layout of real world structures. It’s a pretty awesome concept and will definitely be a big hit — if it works as planned.

What Is The Void?

The Void player interacting with the course

The parks co-founder and CEO Ken Bretschneider explained the concept in more detail.

“The idea behind it is that we basically merge virtual-reality and physical reality together, so when you touch a wall virtually, you’re also touching the wall physically. We created a completely immersive experience. It’s like living in a movie or living in a video game.”

The company also released a teaser for the park, check it out:

Bretschneider’s company was actually trying to start work on a Victorian style theme park called Evermore, which he claimed would rival Disney’s parks. However, his company was unable to attain the appropriate financial backing, and the piece of land they chose to build on is not going to work out.

Instead, Bretschneider and his team turned their attention to Void. For more information on the upcoming virtual reality entertainment center, check out their official website.

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