We Have New Details on Star Wars: Rogue One

Just when you think things have gotten quiet on the Star Wars front, a new scoop comes down and shakes things up. Set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, Rogue One has been a big topic of discussion. Thanks to the site Joblo, which has broken a few general details about the film and the general aesthetic and tone they’re going for.


So, what can we expect from the film?

Here’s the details according to the site. Enjoy:

  • Definitely set during the “Dark Time” of the Empire (between Episodes III and IV)
  • Being coined as “darker and grittier” than any other Star Wars film to date
  • The film seems to be aiming to be much like an old school war film; Think Hamburger Hill meets Star Wars
  • All the Jedi are said to be in hiding; expect this story to leave them in the background
  • Stormtroopers have same armor as they do in the original films (i.e. episodes IV – VI)
  • Lots of alien life forms, Mon Calamari among them
  • New droids and aliens will be introduced. Kind of a no-brainer, but just so you know it’s not just a bunch of rebels
  • At-Ats, X-Wings, Y-wings, At-Sts are said to be present.
  • Implied that some of the film will take place on Yavin-4; a lot of armies in the jungle and various battlefield locations
  • Looks like a new droid will be part of the band of rebels attempting to steal the Death Star plans
  • Felicity Jonesis seen dressed as a rebel soldier ready for battle; expect her to get her hands dirty in this one

What can we determine from these details?

This is very much an original trilogy feel going on here. We’re going to have old school stormtroopers, star fighters, and ground vehicles present in the film. In addition, we’re going to get something the Original Trilogy lacked up until Return of the Jedi: a huge budget to show tons of aliens and droids. It’s really exciting to see that we’ll see a Mon Calamari again.


Why will parts of the film take place on Yavin IV?

Well, the main Rebel Base at the time of the film is operating on that planet, so it makes perfect sense that we’ll see our team come out it in some fashion. It could be training or a briefing, but the jungles and temples of Yavin IV make a great setting that makes sense in the context of the universe.

Who will Felicity Jones be playing, according to these reports?

At the moment, all we know is that she’s playing a rebel Soldier. As to who, we don’t know, but expect it to be an original character.

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