Why Marvel’s Latest Ant-Sized Stunt for Ant-Man Is Brilliant

When you’ve got a film like Ant-Man in your arsenal — one that deals with a miniscule sized superhero — you just have to employ a bit of humor somewhere. Seriously, you don’t really have a choice.

Marvel first did this by releasing an ant-sized teaser trailer and later by showing off an ant-sized poster. However, it’s their latest stunt that takes the cake.

What Is Marvel Up to Now?


It doesn’t come as a surprise that Marvel Studios is using a bit of humor and clever marketing to advertise Ant-Man. They placed a few billboards around prominent areas of Australia to advertise the coming film. Before you go off on a tangent about how billboards are ruining the environment, it’s worth noting these not regular sized billboards they’re tiny; so tiny they’re cute.

As you can see from the photos, the billboards have been made for smaller, ant sized men. These images first appeared on Reddit, after fans stumbled upon the boards out in the wild. Several Redditors hatched a scheme to snatch them up, but it was explained that they were attached “pretty firmly” to each surface. Still, that didn’t stop someone from absconding the mini-boards eventually.

Now I have the sudden urge to create a miniature billboard for my home, for absolutely no reason. Thanks, Marvel.

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