Will Marvel’s The Punisher Get His Own Netflix Show?

It may be more likely than you think.

After Daredevil season 1 premiered to critical praise and successful ratings, everyone became curious as to what we’d see in season 2. Sure, Bullseye and Elektra were on the wish list… but so was a certain Frank Castle. Now, we know that Elodie Yung and Jon Bernthal will be playing Elektra and the Punisher respectively.

So, the next question is… will we get a Punisher show?

Well, will we in fact get a Punisher show?

Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) - The Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC - TWD_201_0616_3503

Well, at the Television Critics Association press tour someone asked Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos that very question. Here’s what he said:

“It is possible for sure. That’s the beauty of the Marvel universe. Any of them could spin out into films too.”

What would a Punisher show be like?

It really depends on what is story is in the second season of Daredevil, but we imagine it would have to be a revenge story. After all, the character’s origin involves his entire family being murdered by the mob. Many stories of the character show him going up against Wilson Fisk, though at the moment he’s in jail.

It’s very possible that Fisk will use his influence to pull strings from his cell during Daredevil season 2, prompting his return to the streets later in the MCU. After that, it’s possible that the Punisher will wage an all out guerrilla war on him.

What will Punisher be like in the second season of Daredevil?


If you recall, the first appearance of the Punisher actually had him as a villain hunting Spider-Man for the supposed murder of Norman Osborn. It’s very possible they’ll use his initial appearance in a similar light, with him hunting Daredevil for some transgression from season 1. Perhaps he thinks Daredevil murdered cops that Fisk’s people dispatched? It could be any number of things, but expect him to be an antagonist for at least a few episodes.

It’s very likely that as the season (or show) carries on, both men will become allies and unite against a common enemy. However, they will still butt heads a great deal over their different approaches to fighting crime. After all, Daredevil does his best not to kill anything while Frank Castle is perfectly happy (and makes it a point) to go in guns blazing.

How likely is it that these characters will show up in the films at some point?

We think Marvel wants to keep them on television, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if they have cameos in a movie or two. It would be great to see Daredevil pop up in a Spider-Man film, but we’ll probably see everyone at some point in Avengers: Infinity War.

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