WWE News: Big Problems Brewing Between WWE And ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin?

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is a pro-wrestling legend who took the WWE by storm during it’s biggest period, The Attitude Era. Some say he helped to save the WWE from going down to WCW alone. His rise to the top came out of nowhere and it was interesting to see the evolution of “The Rattlesnake.” Since his retirement from the squared circle. he has been part of WWE off and on. He’s has randomly appeared at WWE RAW and even made surprise appearances at WrestleMania events. However, there might be a problem between he and WWE.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Austin was scheduled to be part of WrestleMania this year. He was even set to be out on a flight to Santa Clara this weekend. However, Austin reveled on his podcast that he would not be attending WrestleMania but would be watching from his ranch in Texas. This surprised a lot of fans but also a lot of the WWE staff.

WWE planned out something to use him for, as they assumed he’d take part.

The fact that Austin is not coming leaves many wondering….are there problems between Austin and WWE?

As of last word, it was claimed that Austin and WWE were on excellent terms. WWE has treated Austin quite well and has promoted his podcast like crazy. There was a thought of even adding a monthly podcast to the WWE Network where Austin would interview WWE’s biggest stars.

This was due mainly to the successes of his podcasts with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon as well as WWE Executive Triple H. The interviews were quite good and allowed us to get insight on the business.

What is interesting is that there was even rumors that Austin would have a big role in WWE this year, but it was not known what kind of role he would have. WWE even put out a poll asking fans who they’d like to see have another match in WWE, which Austin is currently leading with 30% of the votes.

While most assume that Austin simply does not want to attend WrestleMania this year, this still remains a hot topic with the WWE staff. Of course Austin could always make a surprise appearance, as anything can happen in WWE. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens this Sunday at the show of shows, WrestleMania.

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