A Ton Of Star Wars: Battlefront Info Just Leaked

Wanna know how the other heroes play? What are the vehicles are? Weapons? We got you covered.

Though the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta is over, there’s still a ton of interest and unanswered questions concerning the game. Thanks to same datamining from enterprising Reddit users, we know who the different hero characters are… but outside of Luke and Darth Vader our knowledge of how they played has been speculative at best.  Well, thanks to a document that’s been leaked online with the game’s code in it, we now know a ton about the game.

How did this leak?

Same way the hero list leaked. People went into the game’s source code. We can’t confirm if this is 100% accurate, but we’re willing to say we think there’s a good likelihood this is legit.

Alright… tell me about the heroes.

luke v vader

On the Imperial side, there’s Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Emperor Palpatine. Darth Vader is armed with block, Force choke, saber throw, a light attack, and a heavy attack. The Emperor has chain lightning, a block, a resource drop, a force dash, a direct lightning attack, mind trick, and has the ability to spawn shock troops directly on his position. Boba Fett has his jet pack, a Rocket barrage attack, and his flamethrower.

The Rebels have Luke, who has a block, Force push, saber rush, light attack, and heavy attack. Han Solo has a dash, a combat roll, a charge shot, and a rapid shot attack. Princess Leia has a one shot kill attack, resource drop, combat roll, an enhanced shield she can drop, and has the ability to spawn “Alderaan Honor Guard” to her location.

What are the vehicles?


Here’s the list according to the document:

  • AT-ST
  • AT-AT
  • X-WING
  • A-WING
  • SLAVE 1
  • E-WEB
  • DF-9
  • TRANSPORT *(may be only AI controlled)
  • Y-WING *(may be only AI controlled, as in beta)

It’s worth noting that not all of these are vehicles in the strictest sense. After all, the E-Web is a blaster mount, as is a turbo laser.

What about game modes?


There seems to be a total of 9 modes in total: Walker Assault, Supremacy, Drop Zone, Droid Run, Cargo, Fighter Squadron, Hero Hunt, Heroes vs. Villains, and Blast.

For the full description of each mode, check out the full document.

What about single player?

Well… there do seem to be things called “missions,” which look to be like scenarios that can be played in a single player capacity. There’s a pretty sizable list in the document.

Anything else we should know?

There’s a list of achievement for the game and a description for each, which we’re sure many people will be curious about.


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