Mirror’s Edge Looks Like It Might Really Deliver This Time

While everyone remembers Mirror’s Edge as the troubling title that delivered a semi-solid experience loaded with tons of heart, at EA’s conference Monday afternoon, it became clear that their new take with Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst may provide exactly the immersive world we were craving from the get-go.

What Is Mirror’s Edge?

For those not familiar with Mirror’s Edge, the original game, released in 2008, featured a first-person parkour game centralized around Faith, who was known as a “runner.” Faith would accomplish underground missions around the city, until a larger conspiracy came to light that forced her to defend her sister.

The game was fun and fresh, but suffered from technical errors and a lack of refined storytelling. In truth, it seemed more like a proof of concept more than anything else.

So, What Is Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst┬áThen?

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is a new game coming out from the DICE team, set in the original dystopian world of the first Mirror’s Edge, where privacy is denied to everyone. DICE is taking a fresh look at Faith, redefining everything from the look of the world to Faith’s origin story.

Screenshot 2015-06-15 15.03.04

The game looks both cold and beautiful. The trailer, which used the actual in-game engine, shows us that the gameplay is similar to the original title, but looks more refined and new, taking advantage of the capacities of the new gaming systems.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is set to be available February 23, 2016.

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